Get toned fast and easy

I have a wedding to go to at the end of june and I’m trying to lose weight for it. After starving myself for a week and throwing up after I ate, I realized that was definitely not healthy. I’m in middle school and tons of people are either anorexic or eating almost nothing. It’s so crazy and horrible, so I’ve decided to get toned and get muscular. It will really help in the long run, even if it requires a lot of commitment. I’m a little sore from yesterday’s strength-enhancing exercises, so i’ll tone it down a little today. When you start working out, increase the amount gradually, not all at once.



OK well I’ve never blogged before but I have decided to give it a shot. Well, this blog is going to be mostly about weight loss; motivation, creating an exercise, and sticking to it. I’m trying something out right now and I hope it will work. Since I’m only 12 (yeah, shocker huh?), I’m not an expert with this topic, but before you stop reading, I want you to know that it will work. This blog is targeted towards kids my age who are trying to lose weight and get stronger. Adults can follow too though! I try losing weight in a fun way, such as hula-hooping and belly dancing to get abs. MY personal goal is to be more toned instead of being super skinny. Trust me. It’s not good for you. There’s a vid I found on youtube that explains why it’s better to have muscle than to be “skinny fat”.

If you don’t feel like watching it, it basically says that 5 lbs of muscle takes up A LOT less space than 5 lbs of fat. 

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