OK well I’ve never blogged before but I have decided to give it a shot. Well, this blog is going to be mostly about weight loss; motivation, creating an exercise, and sticking to it. I’m trying something out right now and I hope it will work. Since I’m only 12 (yeah, shocker huh?), I’m not an expert with this topic, but before you stop reading, I want you to know that it will work. This blog is targeted towards kids my age who are trying to lose weight and get stronger. Adults can follow too though! I try losing weight in a fun way, such as hula-hooping and belly dancing to get abs. MY personal goal is to be more toned instead of being super skinny. Trust me. It’s not good for you. There’s a vid I found on youtube that explains why it’s better to have muscle than to be “skinny fat”.

If you don’t feel like watching it, it basically says that 5 lbs of muscle takes up A LOT less space than 5 lbs of fat. 

Thanks for reading! Email me with any questions at caronia99@yahoo.com



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